Manufacturing High-Quality Portland Cement in California

Meeting the Demand for Portland Cement in the Southwest Market

Tehachapi Cement, LLC, a member of Grupo UNACEM, manufactures portland cement for markets in California and the Southwest. Ideal for ready-mix concrete, our type II/V portland cement combines high quality with a commitment to sustainable manufacturing processes.

Committed to Social and Environmental Responsibility

As part of Grupo UNACEM, we are shaped by a commitment to care for our employees, customers, local resources, and the greater environment.

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The safety of our employees is of the highest priority, and we take every step to minimize risks and promote a safe environment.

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Along with every industrial facility in Grupo UNACEM, Tehachapi Cement is fully committed to becoming carbon neutral by 2050.

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We cultivate a culture of respect, demonstrating care and concern for our employees, our customers, and the local community.

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We take pride in our facility and its products, and we seek to add value by meeting and exceeding client expectations.

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Over a Century of Cement Production in California

The Tehachapi Region has been associated for many years with the production of lime and cement due to its many limestone deposits. The original Tehachapi cement plant was built by the City of Los Angeles in 1908 to provide materials for the LA aqueduct.

In 1921, the plant changed hands, becoming the Monolith Portland Cement Company. The small company town of Monolith emerged with employee housing, a school, and a company store. Although Monolith disappeared as transportation improved, the plant continued producing cement for the Southwestern market.

After its purchase by CBR in 1989, the plant went through several ownership transitions and name changes. First, it was Calaveras under CBR. It became Lehigh Southwest Cement after its purchase by Heidelberg Cement in 2002.

In 2023, UNACEM acquired the plant from Martin Marietta Materials, Inc., officially renaming it Tehachapi Cement, LLC. It is expected to produce about 0.8 million tons of high-quality type II/V portland cement for clients in California and the Southwest annually.


UNACEM is the cement and clinker manufacturing company of Peru-based Grupo UNACEM and has more than 100 years of history characterized by technological innovation, business growth, talent, and knowledge. The company has facilities in Peru, Ecuador, Chile, and the USA. UNACEM’s Purpose: “Growing together to build a sustainable world in which we are committed to promoting a thriving and sustainable construction industry that respects the environment and the living standards of all the areas we operate.”

A Commitment to Sustainability

Grupo UNACEM and Tehachapi Cement recognize the pressing need for companies to act according to principles of social responsibility. As a natural resource company dependent on local lime deposits, the Tehachapi facility will balance economic, environmental, and local social concerns in its measurement of success.

We acknowledge our impact on the local environment and community. We know our success as a company is connected to our performance as a neighbor to the landscape and its residents.

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